Slowly, however, the new version 2.0 is coming. It is in the last stage of development, in beta testing. But I would like to describe the most interesting news that the new version will bring with it. Some development details:
  • Development took 4 months
  • We sent 223 commit to our GitLab
  • We’ve modified 613 files in the system We are in fine-tuning so that these numbers will no longer change significantly. These were details of the development that obviously not interesting for business manager, store owner or wholesale company, but since this system may also be interesting for IT developers in companies, I have briefly mentioned this. The new version was not primarily aimed at developing a number of new features and modules, but the main point was the development and upgrade to a new design that would form the basis for years to come. Let’s describe these new changes: 1. Design framework – Bootstrap 4 The system has been updated from version 3.3.7 to 4.0. We are currently waiting for Boostrap to officially release the final version. Within this updaten, all pages and their design have changed. 2. Charts – Chart.js We are rewritted the way how to generate and show different type of charts. We have moved from the flot library to Chart.js, which seems easier and more stable. 3rd Third Party Libraries After a long time, we’ve updated all PHP and JS libraries. We have improved the use of cache memory, working with the mysql database. We also added a few jquery libraries. 4th Safety With every update, we also focus on applying new security techniques. The main change is fetching and storing passwords. Login - Security 5th Pages As I mentioned, we’ve overwritten all pages in the system. The use of most of them has not changed, it has only changed the layout of some of the page elements.
    • The page load itself was probably the biggest change. All content is loaded via AJAX, so you do not have to refresh the page, which greatly speeds up interaction with the system.
    • The entire system for displaying transaction items (invoices, orders, POS and others) has been updated. They are currently fully responsive (customized for mobile viewing)
    • We have overwritten the entire system of information messages.
    • We have overwritten display of date selection (such as filtering by date, current period, range, etc.).
    • We have rewritted way how to display error or info messages.
    • We have changed upload and download files across the system.
    • We have changed the administrative options via the switch
    • We also changed the way the personal cashbook and information messages are displayed in the main menu:  list of news reports  personal cashbook summary
    • 6. New Features
      • “Copy-Paste”. Allows you to copy the loaded sku items (eg in your order) and paste them into another document (for example, to receive or inventory adjustments).
      • Ability to enter company data (company ID, tax ID, vat ID) directly when entering the new customer (supplier) in the transaction (eg invoice, receipt, offer …).
      • When creating a new stock item (modal), the description, purchase price, and initial quantity can be entered under the authority. We will provide a list of all changes and enhancements after the official release of the new release.