So we finally got to the stage where we can deal with news, descriptions of functions and developments. We are releasing a new version 1.2 and 1.3. While 1.2 delivers a lot of improvements and bug fixes, version 1.3 brings only one improvement, but it is more pronounced.
Let’s describe the improvements in version 1.2 :
We have closed up to 15 “issues” in our onlineERP Gitlab, which have been focused on improvements and bug fixes. We will not describe each one, but we will write something about the major changes:
  • Customer points – We have added the ability to change the amount of stored customer points in the customer card
  • Autocomplete for selecting sku items – We’ve added a new way to select and choose an item. We currently have 3 ways that can be changed in settings. In addition to a popup window and modal window, you can also use the autocomplete feature to see the listing of items directly in the input field when you entering a sku item
  • Check your password strength when creating a new user
  • Generate finance plan
  • Enhanced view of whether the sku has a price sheet
  • API interface – We have overwritten the API to communicate with onlineERP from external systems such as OpenCart, Android apps, and the upcoming WordPress extension
  • and others
    Now the more significant change in version 1.3 : We’ve added setting to automatically optimize and minimize css and js files. This reduces the overall system size and accelerates the run by almost 20%! When the page is initialized, all css and js files are collected and system create one minimized file . Only this file will be loaded on other pages. Each page is optimized separately, since each page and module uses different css and js. Of course, we also added an entry menu that allows you to clear the cache of these files. Thats all about new releases and we are currently working on new designs!