POS module

Person Foto

Point of Sale.

Print retail transactions and invoice payments directly from web system onlineERP


This is an additional module to the system onlineERP, which allows communication with cash register printer directly from the website.


  1. detect the printer status.
  2. sending text to the display screen.
  3. print retail transactions.
  4. cash payment of invoices.
  5. deposits or withdrawals from the cash register.
  6. tills.

What do you need

  1. enabled module.
  2. installed printer.
  3. web browser.
  4. Installation package.
  5. Chrome extension.

Supported fiscal printer

Elcom EFox

Tested on printers EFox and EFox mini.


Fiscal printers AXIS POS.


Fiscal printers FT4000.

what do I need?

1. installation package for interface

Installation package is located in POS module. It is executable EXE file, which install all necessary you need to your computer (Windows 7 and higher).

2. chrome extension

1. step

Download extension.

2. step

Setup printer. more info for more info how to install extension, click here

3. step


You are just step away from the use of this module

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