Again we got to the new version. It contains more repairs than we imagined, but the computer system is like a living organism, and there are mistakes that were not previously encountered. Let’s take a look at the new features and read the list of changes and corrections in the list below.

1. Vendor pricesheet

In addition to the customer pricing, we have added the possibility of vendor pricing. These prices vary from customer to company by uploading from the CSV file provided by the vendor. They can be used, for example, when creating a quote, each item displays the price of the price list according to a predefined supplier, except for the price of the stock card.

2. Recuring Payments

This option allows you to track regular payouts or corporate expenses or earnings. You can specify the frequency and number of repeats. You can then create a collection invoice from these payments.

3. Others at a glance

  1. Credit Invoices are automatically loaded based on the customer and an item with the option to credit the invoice. The invoice automatically loads the amount and price from the invoice automatically.
  2. Tax rate column in transactions
  3. Price sheet settings is more logical and clearer
  4. View all modules and packages in the settings.

List of all changes
  • !Correction to PDF Mail
  • – transcription of personal treasure storage + pencil correction
  • ! security_id for the debug menu
  • Ability to close popup addresses by pressing X
  • + # 142 – the ability to automatically add (sketch) the new bidder / addendum in transactions – the option to automatically assign new Customer ID / vendor ID (if not short, so must be automatically assigned)
  • – storage of residual documents by branch offices
  • ! repair and remove php warnings
  • – Display the ajax error if it occurs in datatables
  • + with a new autocomplete recipe (it summarizes all of the written descriptions)
  • – View of forbidden sums when retrieving transaction from bank statement
  • – permanent payments in collection bills + minor repairs on opening
  • Correction of barcode readings + Added support for the Slovak characters to be “+ bold”
  • ! admins in modules
  • ! repair when displaying text in notification
  • ! par minor patches
  • will cause minor repairs
  • – mailbox removed from the project (temporarily)
  • – find current version via version_compare ()
  • – update class for build auto-update
  • ! par fix
  • – Opacity only when loading a page and not every time a call
  • + debug the creation of a new customer from orders
  • – to hide pixels with non-economical packages
  • + 101 – Show all modules with link to onlineerp.sk in the administration
  • – opacity ui-view where the page is not completely loaded
  • + view description of modules and packages in administration
  • – ePH module text
  • – the correct transaction class names
  • missing composer autoloader in API and installation
  • – MysqliDb over composer + php book reader
  • a good fix in js plugine shortcuts
  • + popup_recurring
  • delete and open a permanent payment from the enrollment certificate
  • ! par fix
  • Monthly store value is saved without previous line creation in db
  • ! repair when creating a new debug directory
  • ! fix in mobile viewing menu
  • Fixed-line repairs
  • – translates to saving a permanent payment
  • + Pay Per Click Payment option in the Revenue List
  • Repair in modal delivery + simple calendar function that is retrieved via ajax
  • + In Permanent Payments, you can enter the following payments + repairs
  • + # 116 option to permanently make payments
  • + new method of adding items and citations to citations
  • ! # 123 – after changing payment and shipping methods in administration refreshnut table of methods and pars repairs
  • ! # 133 – When updating, make sure to change the forms and reports and even rewrite them in company forms
  • ! of the repairs in the form / report display
  • + Replace the imported form / report option
  • – module form_builder: text at the form name describing how to change the name of the form when changing the form, otherwise the changes will be lost on the next update
  • ! repair when deleting the form
  • ! fix when copying or renaming forms / reports
  • – better updating – if app.php has changed, I have priority and after logging in directly to admin for manual update
  • + Added the “modified” parameter for js and css subory, if the system is updated to a new version, the browser automatically refreshne js and css subory
  • + # 135 option to enter service date
  • ! # 134 – Sort Form and Address
  • ! # 102 – pricing – after saving refreshnut table predef. App. and the category and rewrite logic of stockpile storage and price category storages
  • + option to set the price list as the default, but only for predefined items. App. and category (for customers without business terms and pricing )
  • – display of the basic pricelist, pricing according to the supplier and pricelist according to the category in the dealers
  • + # 110 – the ability to add the column of a given class to the transaction + the ability to display a column of units of measure
  • ! a few repairs in the sender
  • ! correction of tax rate deletion in tax class
  • correction when adding a tax rate to a given class
  • + update system and modules if the subory is uploaded manually and xml data is not available
  • + Supplier view of cash purchases in the invoice book
  • + the possibility to enter a vendor in the pay list or a new expense