More than a month later we release version 2.1. Let us describe what it brings to you. First of all, we have dedicated ourselves to fine-tuning and fixing bugs since we released the 2.0 release. There were a few things to expect after releasing a version that changed virtually every part of the system. You can read the list of changes and corrections in the list below. Not to mention the description of errors, but let’s go to the new features that the end user can try:

1. Invoice Book A relatively important activity of the company is the tracking of invoices, both incoming, receiving and also accounting overheads and invoices. We created a new “Invoice Book” in the “Accounting” menu, which records the basic information about:
  1. Outgoing Customer Invoices
  2. Incoming vendor invoices
  3. Overhead Cash Purchases This is a simple listing of the most basic data the accountant may need. Of course, these data can be printed.

    2. Listing and ability to add overhead So far, these cash purchases have been made available to every employee who has had his treasury. The owner or the company’s economist was not able to track these expenses in one place. Therefore, an inventory of these purchases was created, allowing you to create additional purchases (not just cash).

    3. Others

    1. in payment and shipping methods you can set the default method
    2. multiple bank accounts can be entered in both customer and vendor cards
    3. New Report to easily show the sold items for a single year divided by months.

    List of all changes
    • + # 130 – report Sales quantity year per month
    • – # 117 – login refresh page after changing language
    • ! # 119 copy-paste – also add those items that do not exist
    • ! Correction when storing and displaying images on forms
    • – Remove unnecessary styles
    • – xls generating update
    • + transition from PHPExcel to PHPSpreadsheet and php plugins tcpdf, phpmailer, phpfastcache via COMPOSER
    • Moved option to import form / report into standard license
    • ! par fix
    • + # 107 – invoice book + report
    • will render the cost in fin fin. analyzes
    • – logically rewritten the security ID
    • Correction when displaying transport in fin. the analyzes
    • + # 115 – listing and the ability to enter a render
    • + Ability to copy the user (instead of creating jobs)
    • + # 108 – to display the subtotal before paying FA and ZFA points
    • ! # 106 – checking the final amount in the treasury
    • + # 109 – Define printers in the blade module administration
    • ! # 120 – Duplicate checking when writing EAN codes
    • ! # 121 – Upgrade to Higher License to Generate Plans
    • + # 125 – ePH – the option to set the Transfer symbol either the invoice or the Orders
    • – import eph xml – data via json array and not through object
    • + an option to set up the charge for payment on ePH and par fix
    • Correction in ePH when importing xml
    • + an option to set carrier transport preferences (invoice only)
    • ! htmlspecialchars_decode () on formulas for table listing values ​​
    • + # 122 the ability to convert a pay order to an issuance document or bank statement
    • Correction to the charge when loading an invoice from which a command has already been created
    • – the option to automatically expose the VPD from the payout order is removed
    • + add to ePH the option to set the class, payment, and package default
    • # 23 – the ability to add more bank accounts to your business and contacts
    • Correction for decrementing the invoice number
    • + for api, install and system will debug the address
    • ! par fix
    • will fix the shipping cost in settings
    • + the option to choose the default type of payment and the option to define the default payment type (it is also possible to specify the type of payment expected in the invoice)
    • – sequentials set to 2018
    • Repair when storing dials
    • ! default price sheet by category or vendor and it is possible to create a number of price lists for the category, so it is necessary to pass between these price lists when determining the price
    • update when updating period after year change
    • fix in currencies
    • Correction of postpay payment when you sell to eshop
    • – check if my email purchaser has uploaded to eshop
    • ! par fix
    • ! error in sql – utf32 charset
    • ! forget to save and save payment_code
    • + Added value for payment on invoice formula payments
    • ! par repair module module builder
    • – How to divide the method_code into payment and shipping code, so you can save your invoice for both shipping and payment
    • Repair the eshop option
    • – change url for request to woocommerce eshop
    • minor repairs
    • – renamed as API for eshop – one api and one module
    • + the option to enter eshop type eshop
    • Changing the opencart tag to “eshop”. The module type will set the type of eshop (opencart, woocommerce, …). Equal settings for every single eshop, I will only use the API for every eshop
    • fix when you need to enter a payer
    • Repair when changing to DL (unchecked waiting)
    • Fixed character check for new type (but temporarily disabled)
    • ! correction when comparing values in js (fix 0.0099999)
    • Correction when deleting lines in transactions
    • Correction when saving the name of the customer to the finance compensation
    • – update MysqliDb 2.9
    • + if the goods are booked, the alert will also display the order number and the order number
    • – the entry, or the order, is moved to the standard license
    • + module labeler – you can change the number of copies based on the amount of the document
    • – in the audit_log dashboard, whichever date is, and the filter is not “today”
    • Fixed for API license detection
    • Repair the jwt class in android
    • Repair when writing a new branch